18x24 Screenrprints by Derek Eads

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My "Scoooootttt” screen prints are now available through Gallery1988. Black cloth edition of 25 and denim edition of 7. All are signed & numbered.

The Official Edgar Wright Art Show opens tonight at Gallery 1988

Here is my piece for the show: an 11x17 screen print on 12x18 black cloth. Signed & numbered edition of 25.

"Clementine" by Derek Eads, for Bottleneck Gallery’s “Get a Room”

18 X 24

4 Color Screenprint

Signed/Numbered Edition of 50

Available for $35 here.

"Sagittarius" and “Make a Wish” screen prints by Derek Eads

Available through WWA Gallery

All prints purchased now through the opening on Saturday, December 8th qualifies for free shipping to anywhere within the continental United States.

"Wes Anderson’s Jason Schwartzmans" & "50 Stars" are now both available online at Gallery 27

$30 each: 18x24 screen prints, editions of 50, signed and numbered.

Gallery 27, a new art gallery in Chicago, recently had their first show “Futura” a tribute to Wes Anderson. My piece for the show is “Wes Anderson’s Jason Schwartzmans”

Signed and numbered edition of 50 - 18” x 24” four color screen prints.

Buscmeyes" my print for the Gallery 1988 show ‘Memes’ is now available for online for only $15

18 x 24 inches
signed and numbered edition of 50
different Steve Buscemi movie quote hand written on the back of each one