Bill Murray Week Contest #3 by Derek Eads 

“Wes Anderson’s Bill Murrays Coasters”

Wes Anderson’s Bill Murray* by Derek Eads

*Updated December 2012

Gallery 27, a new art gallery in Chicago, recently had their first show “Futura” a tribute to Wes Anderson. My piece for the show is “Wes Anderson’s Jason Schwartzmans”

Signed and numbered edition of 50 - 18” x 24” four color screen prints.

I will have a new exclusive print available at Gallery 27's Wes Anderson tribute show “Futura”.

You’ll have to wait till the show opens to see it, but for now here is a flyer I made to help promote it.

Wes Anderson’s Bill Murrays (Alternates) - Derek Eads

Counting down to the next Bill Murray Week: 11/21/11 - 11/27/11

If you have trouble waiting, you can purchase the above print now at my shop.

-Derek Eads

Wes Anderson by Derek Eads